How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin

In today’s time, whether anyone knows about Crypto Currency or not, but everyone has heard the name of Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin had risen very rapidly in the last few years and later became stable and just a while ago it has seen a rebound.

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By the way, apart from Bitcoin, there are many such crypto currencies which get good returns, but hardly anyone gets the stable and best returns like Bitcoin. If you also want to invest in cryptocurrencies, then Bitcoin can prove to be a great option.

What Is Bitcoin ?

Just as the rupee and dollar are a type of currency, bitcoin is also a type of digital currency. Bitcoin is slightly different from the rest of the currency. Being virtual, we can neither see nor touch it.

But we can use it the way we do the money in a wallet like PayTm or PhonePe. The price of the Crypto currency keeps on decreasing and increasing, due to which it is also a great option for investment.

Bitcoin can be saved in an online wallet through the Internet. It can only be counted, spent and transactions checked through the wallet. Bitcoin was invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and today it is the world’s largest and most expensive cryptocurrency.

Due to the investment in Bitcoin, the lives of many people have changed because its price suddenly became much higher than the very low.

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Bitcoin can be seen as a decentralized currency, i.e. no one has any control over it. No bank in any country has the right to Bitcoin, nor any other private entity.

The use of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies is also banned in many countries, but bitcoin can be transacted in India. Bitcoin can be sent directly from one wallet to another. The value of Bitcoin keeps on fluctuating and the price of Bitcoin is currently more than 20 lakh rupees.

Uses of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that we can use in many ways. The biggest use of cryptocurrency at present is that it can be invested like a stock market because its price fluctuates.

But apart from this there are also some uses of Bitcoin, which are as follows:

  • Online shopping can be done through Bitcoin.
  • You can use Bitcoin for national and international payments.
  • Through Bitcoin, you can also buy another Crepto currency i.e. you can exchange.
  • By selling Bitcoin, you can get money directly into your bank account.

The technology behind Bitcoin

A lot of people want to invest in Bitcoin. But even today, the undersigned people are afraid of digital investment in this fast-moving digital world. The main reason for this is that they do not understand the technology behind it.

If you want to invest in cryptocurrency or bitcoin, then you need to understand the technology behind it. Bitcoins are entirely based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is a type of open source digital technology. Blockchain is considered a type of digital ledger. A ledger can be considered a type of record where debit and credit transactions are posted. In simple language, if you understand blockchain, it is a digital book where transactions of debit and credit are recorded.

Bitcoin records are also recorded through blockchain technology. This shows who was said, who and how much the transaction was done. This technology was also invented by Satoshi Nakamoto with Bitcoin, on which there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies today.

How to make money by investing in Bitcoin ?

Investing in Bitcoin is exactly like investing in the stock market. Bitcoin is illegal in many countries, but in India, money can be made from legally Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin fluctuates a lot.

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As if a month ago the price of Bitcoin was 18 lakh and there is a 20 lakh rupees. The price of Bitcoin may be $25 million next month or it may go back to $18 million.

Investments in Bitcoin can also be considered as investments made in the stock market or in real estate, but they are a little more unpredictable.

How To Buy Bitcoin ?

To buy Bitcoin in World, you have to create an account on a trusted wallet and verify it. After that you will be able to buy Bitcoin directly through debit card, net banking, credit card, etc.

Just as you can buy stocks in today’s time with the help of trading websites and apps in today’s time, bitcoins can be easily bought in the same way. The most trusted websites/apps to buy Bitcoin at present are Wazirx, Unocoin, and Zebpay, etc.

How to buy Bitcoin from Wazirx ?

Wazirx is World’s most preferred and most used cryptocurrency exchange in the present time. In this, anyone can easily buy and sell crypto currency. At the same time, its UI is quite fantastic and intuitive to use. At the same time, you also get to see many new features in it.


  1. Accessible Across Platforms – You can access the WazirX trading platform in many different platforms. Whether it’s the web, Android smartphones, Apple iOS mobiles, Windows and Mac systems.
  2. Range of Cryptocurrencies – In this you can trade in about 100+ cryptocurrency pairs with USDT. USDT is actually a Tether USD currency backed by 1:1 us dollars.
  3. Speed Transaction – Their platform is very stable and its ability is that it can easily handle millions of transactions smoothly.

How to Buy

If you have to buy Bitcoin or any other crypto currency, then you can go to Wazirx’s website and buy it.

Note: If you ask for a referral code, use “x62d4j95”. You will get 50% cashback.

How to buy Bitcoin from Unocoin ?

Unocoin is considered to be the best option to buy Bitcoin in today’s time. By creating an account on Unocoin, you can easily buy and sell Bitcoin. With the help of Unocoin Wallet you can buy Bitcoin with zero percent payment fee.

With the help of Unocoin, you can buy and sell Bitcoin anytime, that is, with the help of this wallet, you can also make a long-term investment in Bitcoin and buy it immediately and sell it immediately. With the help of Unocoin, you can also trade on Bitcoin like the stock market.

Note: If you ask for a referral code, use “U124697” so that you can easily get bitcoin of Rs.200/-

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How to buy Bitcoin from Zebpay ?

Zebpay is an easy-to-use platform that you’ll learn to use quite quickly. Creating an account on Zebpay is extremely easy. To create an account on ZebPay, you will have to do KYC and upload some common documents such as PAN card etc.

With ZebPay, you can not only buy and sell Bitcoins but also mobile recharge, DTH recharge, online shopping, etc. Zebpay’s app is also available on the Play Store so that you can easily transact Bitcoins from your smartphone.

Note: If you ask for a referral code, use “REF77839482” so that you can easily get bitcoin of Rs.100/-.

How to sell bitcoin ?

Selling Bitcoin is as easy as buying it. Why only bitcoin can buy and sell any cryptocurrency if you want. In such a case, the exchange that is best is “Wazirx”. I use the use and also inspire everyone to use it.

That’s because this exchange is very trustworthy and its founder is also an Indian. They have been doing great work for the last several years and will continue to do so.


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