How To Apply For Pan Card – Online Pan Card Kaise Banaye

Today we will talk about How To Apply For Pan Card and some information related to it. It is very important for the people living in all the countries in the world to have an identity card, because only through that identity card, which country a person belongs to, it can be found out.

People of every country have different identity cards and it is very useful in our everyday life as well. There are many such cards in our country through which the people here are identified like Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Driving License etc.

पैन कार्ड अप्लाई करने का लिंक सबसे नीचे दिया गया है |

How To Apply For Pan Card

At the same time, people do not know much about PanCard, so I will tell you in simple language why PAN card is necessary and how to make it? Which you will get complete information once you read it completely.

Apart from all this, there is one more thing which is very important for us to identify as well as for the work related to the bank and that is PAN Card. Through this article, I will tell you about what is PAN card and all the important things related to it. Please stay with me.

लीजिए पर्सनल लोन मात्र 5 मिनट में – क्लिक करें

what is pan card ?

The full name of PAN Card is Permanent Account Number. This is a unique identity card and it is considered very important in any kind of financial transaction.

A 10-digit alphanumeric number is present in the PAN card, which is available from the income tax department. PAN Card is made in India under the Income Tax Act, 1961 as a laminated card, which is issued by the Income Tax Department under the supervision of the Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT).

PAN card is very important for paying income tax from your income.The numbers present in the PAN card are necessary for all types of major financial transactions like opening an account in the bank, to get taxable salary, to buy or sell money, property and jewelry, etc. PAN Card in all these things. It is needed, so all the details of the account holder are present in this card.

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What is the meaning of 10 digit alphanumeric number present in PAN card?

I have already told that there is a 10 digit alphanumeric number in the PAN card, in which many of your information is hidden like AAECC6548C.

The first five letters are the alphabets of English, the next is a 4 digit number and finally there is an alphabet again.

All these numbers have some meaning and they express the important details of the person. Let us know about what all these numbers mean.

  1. First three letters. The first three letters belong to a normal alphabetic series, from A to Z, the alphabet is used, such as AZT or ZRT, consisting of any three letters.
  2. Fourth letter. The fourth letter describes about the status of the holder of the card. This is the most important letter of this card which tells the identity of a person’s status.
  3. This fourth letter is the letter “P” on the number of most PAN holders, which means “person”. The other 9 characters which describe the fourth character are as follows

A – Association of Persons
B – Body of Individuals
C – Company
F – Firm
G – Government
H – Hindu Undivided Family
L – Local Authority
J – Artificial Juridical Person
T – Trust

  1. Fifth letter. If the PAN card is personal, then the fifth letter is the first letter of the person’s last name or surname, like Pratik Jain, then the fifth letter on the number of the PAN card will be “J”.
  2. And if the PAN card is for a trust, organization, company, government etc., then the first letter of its name is in the fifth letter.Six to nine characters. These four characters are four random numbers from 0001 to 9999.
  3. The tenth letter. The last letter of the PAN card is the check digit of the alphabet, which is generated by a formula taking the remaining 9 characters.

Why PAN Card is necessary ?

  • PAN card contains photo, name and signature, so it can also be used as an identity card.
  • Its main use is to pay tax. Without PAN card, you may have to pay more in tax.
  • With the help of the unique number of PAN card, the income tax department links and monitors all the transactions done by a person so that tax evasion can be prevented.
  • his is necessary not only for paying taxes but also for transactions of any high value.
  • The person doing the job needs the PAN card the most, which makes it easy for them to fill the payment.
  • Nowadays PAN card is required to open an account in all banks.
  • PAN Card protects you from all kinds of mistakes or problems in income tax.
  • PAN card is also required while buying or selling a property to build a house. It is also needed while buying vehicles.

Which documents are required to get a PAN card?

  • Two recent passport size photo
  • Proof of Birth. For this you can use photo copy of any one of your birth certificate, marriage certificate, metric certificate, passport, driving license.
  • Identity proof. For this, you can use one of the documents like Voter Card / Passport / Driving License / Pension Card / Aadhar Card / Ration Card etc.
  • Address proof. For this, you need a document from electricity bill / driving license / passport / aadhar card / telephone bill etc.

Keep in mind that all the necessary documents should be in A4 size page and it is very important to self attested all of them along with photo, self attested means own signature.

Our Government of India will soon make PAN card as mandatory in all government works like Aadhar card, so it is very important to have this card with you.

How to Track PAN Card Status?

PAN application status, processing status, delivery status etc. can be easily checked online.

If your PAN card has been applied through UTI, then the status of PAN card can be tracked by a UTI coupon number which is a 10-digit number.

In this, that person can track the status of his own PAN only after 7 days when he has filled his application through NSDL and UTI.

How to check PAN card status without acknowledgment number?

TIN-NSDL has created very new and easy methods for the applicants so that they can easily check PAN card status online.

This portal allows users to do PAN card application status, that too without acknowledgment number.

In this, you will need only name and date of birth to check your PAN card status. There you have to follow the steps given below
Will happen.

website to check my pan card

  • First of all visit TIN-NSDL portal
  • Select “PAN – New/Change Request” that too on the Application Type section
  • Then select the Name section from which you can check PAN card status without acknowledgment number
  • Now you have to enter your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and Date of Birth
  • Then click on the “Submit” button from which you will get the PAN status.

How to make PAN Card?

Earlier, only government employees could apply for PAN Card in Hindi, but now it is not so at all, any person, company, organization etc. can apply for PAN.

NRI person i.e. who is not a citizen of this country can also apply for PAN card.

It is very simple to apply for this app, you can make this app in two ways, first either you yourself by going to income tax department’s website or or Form to make PAN card can fill.

And secondly, if you want, you can visit the service center in your city where PAN cards are made.

For making a PAN card, a fee of Rs 107 is charged or it may be more than that, in many places up to 150.200 money is taken.

If you are applying for PAN Card online, then you will need Net Banking or you can also pay by credit card or debit card.

And if you are getting PAN card made from any center outside, then you can give money in cash.

After applying for PAN card, you are given a number from which you can find out what is the status of the process of making your PAN card and in how many days it will reach you.

Apply Pan Card Official Website – Click Here


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