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Hello friends, welcome to this new post today, in today’s post, we are going to talk about ‘CMD Commands for network troubleshooting’ if there is a network problem in your laptop or computer, that is, whenever you start your WhatsApp and signal in your computer and laptop.

CMD Code नीचे बॉक्स में दिया गया है |

It Is Common To Have Problems Related To Network Or Internet Everywhere Whether It Is Home Or Office, So Here We Will Know About All Those Common Problems Related To The Network That If There Is A Problem In Your Computer Network, Then How Can We Solve That Problem. Can Do.

In the first step of network troubleshooting, we should understand the problem, after all what is the problem, and since when is it coming, because until we do not understand the real problem, it cannot be solved. So let us currently know those easy steps of Network Troubleshooting, by which Common Network Problems are Diagnosed and Rectified.

Going beyond the more modern features of Windows 10, such as a revamped graphical user interface (GUI), voice commands, and natural language processing (NLP), you’ll find the Command Prompt. It will do what you want, but apart from that it has the drawback that it is not as pretty or intuitive as other interfaces.

Despite the new features of Windows, the Command Prompt itself is the only tool that has always been there and can still be used if you know where to access it.

Not only that, it can do things that modern interfaces are still struggling to do. Take a look at Command Prompt as an old legacy feature of Windows, it’s very important for you to know.

CMD Commands for network troubleshooting

Network troubleshooting is a process by which problems arising in a computer network are indetify, diagnose and solve. This is a logical process that network engineers use to solve network problems and improve network operations.

  1. Finding and solving problems inside a computer and re-establishing internet connection.
  2. Configuring a router, switch or any other networking device.
  3. Installing cables or Wi-Fi devices.
  4. Updating firmware devices in router switches.
  5. removing viruses.
  6. Adding, configuring, and reinstalling a network printer.

As just said, Command Prompt can do things that others can’t. So if you need to believe more and know about its power, read this article

Command Prompt is used to execute commands given through batch files and scripts. Apart from this, command prompts are also used to remove problems associated with the implementation of Windows and for advanced administrative functions.

What is Full Form Of CMD ?

CMD Ka Full Form is – Command Prompt (Command Prompt)

What is Command Prompt?

A command prompt is a non-graphical interface that allows you to communicate with your operating system. At the command prompt, you can enter the command names by typing the options and arguments next to them.

Command Prompt never cared about its looks, that’s not its issue; White text on a black background, does it look cute? But even a novice user of Windows can quickly recognize it.

CMD Commands for network troubleshooting
CMD Commands for network troubleshooting

New users At this point, you may feel reluctant to type in commands for fear of ruining your computer, but with a little training, you’ll find this tool useful and very important. The Command Prompt can be used to type commands and execute them, which can be especially useful for automating tasks via scripts and batch files, as well as for advanced administrative functions and many more in Windows. Can also be useful to fix the problem.

How to open command prompt?

Command Prompt, sometimes known as command shell or just cmd.exe, can be opened in a number of ways.

i) You can open Command Prompt in the Start menu or through the Command Prompt shortcut located on the Apps screen, depending on your version of Windows.

ii) In Windows 10, one of the fastest ways to launch Command Prompt is to use Search. Enter command or cmd in the search field from your taskbar. Then, click or tap on the Command Prompt result.

iii) Search is also helpful in Windows 7. Open the Start menu, type Command or cmd in the Search field, and then press Enter or click the Command Prompt shortcut.

iv) Start Command Prompt Using Run Window (All Windows Versions) – One of the fastest ways to launch Command Prompt in any modern version of Windows is by using Run window. A quicker way to launch this window is to press the Win R key on your keyboard. Then, type cmd and press Enter or click OK.

How does the Command Prompt work and why would you use it?

Command Prompt works on a more basic level than Windows, which is not to say that it is not powerful. This means you get more control over the PC and communicate with it in a more direct way. In addition to common commands (dir, cd, copy, del), it can be used to access parts of the operating system that are not available to the graphical user interface.

It can be used to perform a variety of functions, sometimes using it is the only way to access some information or function.

In addition to the basic commands (which display file directory lists, change file directories, copy files, and delete them.) there are many other useful commands.

Why is Command Prompt useful?

Although it is difficult for regular users to learn and use Command Prompt instead of modern apps with graphical user interface, this tool can be useful in some situations.

One of the main reasons the Command Prompt is useful is that it allows you to run multiple commands one after the other, which means you can use it to automate tasks. For example, by creating a simple script, you can create a batch of commands that run automatically at specific times you choose (such as when you log in to Windows, when you close Windows, or just When you double-click on the batch file).

Another strong point of Command Prompt, especially in comparison to apps with a graphical user interface, is that it gives us a direct line of communication with the operating system. In other words, if you know the right commands, you can do more with Command Prompt than with a regular app. Although using your mouse to work with Windows is usually sufficient for most users, Command Prompt gives you a higher level of control over the operating system, giving you access to options and tools that would otherwise be are not available.

Things You Can Do From the Command Prompt

There are many things you can do with the graphical interface from Windows that are replicated in the Command Prompt. This means you can use CMD to do all the routine tasks like copying, renaming or deleting files and folders, navigating through folders, running applications, changing settings, etc.

However, the Command Prompt also gives you additional powers that you might not get if you’re just using the regular interface from Windows. For example, Command Prompt lets you run ping, netstat, and ipconfig commands, which can tell you a lot about the status of your network. There are commands you can use to manage running processes or work with the boot files and configuration data on your system drive, commands that let you check the health of your drives, commands that let you check the health of your drive, commands that let you run additional Windows Lets you install or uninstall features, and even commands that let you add and remove keys to or from the Windows Registry.

The list is very long, so if you want to know whether a specific command exists for a specific task, we recommend you to check out the full list of Windows commands. If you want to learn in more detail how to work with the command shell, you can also find some “good help in our guide”

Network Troubleshooting Steps

1.Check LAN / WiFi Settings :- If the network is not working, or the internet is not working, then first of all you check your WiFi or LAN setting, whether your computer is connected to LAN or WiFi network, Or not. Check the LAN card to see if it is not showing the cable unplug, because sometimes the network or internet may stop working due to the computer’s Wi-Fi being turned off, or the LAN card is disabled or the wire is not connected properly. Is.

So in such a situation, just turn on the WiFi of your computer, or if the LAN is disabled, then enable it by going to the option of Network Settings, then your network becomes active.

CMD Commands for network troubleshooting - cmd code kya hota hai
CMD Commands for network troubleshooting

2.Check IP Address: – If you have checked the LAN or WiFi setting according to the above mentioned steps, and it is ON / Enabled, yet your computer is not able to connect to the network, then now you have to check your IP address. is required. Many times the Lan Card picks up the wrong IP address, or IP conflict is happening, even then your computer is not able to connect to the network.

In such a Situation, you should first check what IP Address the computer is showing, for this, by whichever LAN or WiFi you are connected, go to its IP Settings and check the IP, or by going to CMD, by Ipconfig command, you can also get IP. You can check the address.

Check if the computer’s IP address is in the same series as your LAN address, such as, then change it to and check if your LAN’s IP series is running, and the computer’s IP is showing 169.52 …. of the series, then change it to, and then check the network connectivity, if the network is not able to connect even after changing the manual IP, then also try connecting on Obtain IP Automatically (DHCP) .

3.Try Ping: – If you have followed both the steps mentioned above, then once from the Router or the IP address of the other computer connected on the network, try pinging it from your computer to see if any reply is coming or not. If still not getting reply, then follow the steps given below.

4.Try restarting the device: – Many problems are solved by just restarting the device, so try restarting both your computer and the router at once to see if the problem remains as it is, or is gone, as many Bar device may hang due to too long usage, or stop working properly when it gets too many requests, then restart is the solution to all these problems.

5.Check LAN Cable and Connectors: – Check the LAN connector and if there is any doubt then replace it, if you find the connector right, then check the LAN cable if it is torn or pulled from somewhere. No, if you see a problem somewhere, fix it.

One thing to note is that the LAN cable should be used only for a maximum distance of 100 meters, after that there can be Signal Drop. LAN Cable and Connector should be of good company Sometimes cheap connectors or cables look right from outside, but their quality is very bad from inside.

6.May be Virus or Malware :- If you have completed all the above mentioned steps well, but even after that the problem remains as it is, then it may be that there is a virus in the network or your computer virus or Malware is infected. Many times if there are other computers connected to your network, if one of those computers also has any malware or virus infection, then it starts to choke the network, does not allow the internet to run, or if the internet is running, then from security The linked websites are not able to open.

So in such a situation, first of all, isolate the computer which is facing more problems, and then remove virus infection with antivirus or other methods and only when the virus is removed, connect the computer to the network and check, your internet Will start running

7.Contact ISP: – If you have done all the steps mentioned above correctly, still the problem of internet or network is not getting fixed, then contact the internet service provider (ISP) and let them know about the problem. Get it done, because there may be a problem with the router installed by the ISP, or the Internet service itself is not working properly.

8.CMD Code For Network Troubleshooting:- When your problem is not getting solved at all, then here you have been given some code, put those courts in your command section and follow the process in the video.

CMD Code

” netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.text netsh winsock reset “

When and by whom was the command prompt invented?

The history of Command Prompt begins with MS-DOS, an operating system created by Microsoft in 1981, almost 40 years earlier. MS-DOS didn’t have a graphical user interface, and most of the commands you could run in it were relatively simple. At the time, the Command Prompt did not exist, but its ancestor did. was the default command-line interpreter available in MS-DOS, and it was also the only user interface available in that operating system. was present in some of the following Microsoft operating systems, from Windows 95 to Windows 98 SE and Windows ME.

Later, when Microsoft released Windows NT in 1993 (27 years ago), the Command Prompt as we know it today was born. Command Prompt (cmd.exe) offered compatibility from MS-DOS with older commands available in, to make it easier for companies to adapt and migrate to new operating systems. Although new commands were added with each new version, Command Prompt maintained that compatibility throughout the year. The following operating systems – Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 – still have the Command Prompt and everything still works the same way.

What is the future of Command Prompt?

The life of the Command Prompt has been long and useful. A few years ago, when Microsoft decided to replace the Command Prompt shortcuts from the WinX menu in Windows 10, publications and users were concerned that the Command Prompt might not last long. However, Rich Turner (Senior Program Manager, Windows Console and Command-Line) from Microsoft published a post called Rumors of the Death of Cmd, in which he told the whole world that “The Windows Cmd / Command-Line Shell is Near or Far Not being removed from Windows in the future.

Command Prompt Help

If you need help learning more about a command, use the /? type. For example, dir /? On typing the options for the dir command will be available.


I hope you liked this post, “CMD Commands for network troubleshooting“. I have told you that you can solve your network problem like this, for that a code will be required, how will you use that code and what is that code, I have told you about it. You have given complete information, if you have any other comment, then you must tell us, we will definitely answer your comment and keep visiting our website for more information.

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