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Hello friends, welcome to this new post ‘Funngro Bank Zero Balance Account’ today, in today’s post, we are going to talk that if you want to open zero balance account of yourself or your children, then you can open your head balance account in this bank. Which one do you have to open zero balance account in Guru BankThere should be a document and what should be the qualifications in you and what features you will get to see in it, you will get to see the answer of all these things inside this post, then you must read this post till the last

Funngro Bank Zero Balance Account

Funny Group Bank has been made for children because you would know that many banks do not open children’s accounts, that is why this bank, in collaboration with Fino Payments Bank, opens children’s bank accounts, from where you can also open your children’s bank. Account can be opened.

What is Funngro

With Funngro you are going to grow not the old tedious way I’ll call the chalkboard method for the 21st century, but a new, fun and hands-on way. Now that I’ve stated the obvious, let’s get to the interesting part. 

Funngro is basically a bank account of your own, a way of sneaking extra pocket moneyfrom your parents and still seeing a smile on their face. 

Try Funngro kids banking & digital piggy bankand experience the impossible. Buy anything and everything by yourself. Be treated with the respect and individuality you have earned.


To open this account, you must have the PAN card number of your mother or father and your age must be less than 18 years, if you are more than 18 years then you can use your PAN card

FunngroBank Features

Earn money/points while helping at home
● Create a task list that suits you best
● Get approval from parents
● Track task status
● Earn points/money

Make your wish come true:
● Create wishlist
● Save and earn money
● Get your wish granted

Your first bank in your phone and wallet:
● Get your prepaid card
● Track expenditure
● Reports & analysis

Learn the most important skill in life – Manage money
● Learn from the experts
● Best in class videos & articles
● Games
● Quizzes

How to open funngro Bank Zero Balance Account

To open an account in this bank, first you have to download an application, you will find the link of the application at the bottom.

After downloading the application, this type of interface will come in front of you and if you are a parent then you will choose the option of parent and if you are a child then you will choose the option of child

After that, you have to put your invitation inside the quotes, if you put an invitation court, then you get a benefit of ₹ 50.
After that you have to enter your mobile number or email id and an OTP comes, it has to be verified.

After that you have to do some personal details like your name, your email id, your mobile number, after entering all these, you have to click on save and continue.
After that you have to enter your child’s name, child’s mobile number, child’s mail id and he has to service and continue

In this way your account gets opened in this bank.
After that you have to apply for a debit card for which you have to pay a one-time charge of ₹ 99.

You get the debit card in 7 days, if you do not get it in 7 days then you have to wait for at least 15 days
After applying for a debit card, you have to set a PIN so that you can do the transaction easily.

On typing the debit card, you will see all the details of the debit card like card number expiry date CVV number etc

Application link Click here


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