How to sell old mobile phones – purana mobile kaise beche

Hello friends, welcome to this new post today, in today’s new post, we are going to talk that How to sell old mobile phones, that too in a good price, then you need this post till the last, I will tell you in this post. I am going to tell about an application from where you can take your old mobile, old laptop, send any old electronic item and get a lot of money, then you will be requested to read this post till the last.

In this post, I will also tell you how to sell you mobile, how much you will get its price, you have to sell mobile first or get the first price, you will have to sell mobile online or sell offline, everything is being told to you in this post.

How to sell old mobile phones

Nowadays the era of fashion has started, so now everyone wants to get a new type of mobile but the problem comes when their old mobile is not sold at the right price because you will know that it takes a little more money to get a new mobile but Some people think that the money that will come from selling their old mobile and some money is lying with us, then they can take a new mobile by mixing them, but many people do not know that how the old mobile is sold and its good price. how can we get.

Today I am going to tell you an application from where you can easily sell your old mobile or old laptop, any old electronic item.

An application comes to sell old mobile or electronic items, which is named CASHIFY, with the help of this application, you can sell your old mobile, before that you can also know the price of your mobile that if you will sell this mobile then how much will you get.

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What is cashify app

KCify is a platform that has its own website and mobile application, with the help of which you can know the original value of your mobile laptop or any electronic device and if you understand then you can sell your mobile to you here First of all, you will get complete information about your mobile such as how is your mobile, which company is it, which model is it, all you have to choose in it, after that you will get to see the exact price of your mobile inside it.

and if you think That this mobile is giving me the right price, then you can sell the mobile as if you place an order, then in a few days from cashify, a team member will come to your house and take your mobile and at that time you will also be given money.

How to sell Old Mobail On Cashify

By now you must have known that how to sell your old mobile to you, what is the Cashify application, now I will tell you that if you want to sell your mobile on cashify, then how can you sell it, what will you have to do for that, so let’s know that you mobile how to sell.

There are two ways to sell old mobile on this platform, either you can sell your mobile on its website or you can sell your mobile on its application. My suggestion would be that you install the application because the process of selling inside it is quite is simple.

How to sell old mobile phones
How to sell old mobile phones

Process To Install Cashify And Sell Mobail

First of all, install this application from the link given below, after that you have to install this application, you have to wait till it is installed, after that you open this application, now click on get start, you will be asked for permission for your location Then you have to click on the allow option

  • Now you will get all the features of Cashify like buy phone, sell phone, buy recycle phone, repair phone, buy laptop, buy mobile etc.
  • To sell any old mobile, you have to click on cell now or cell phone.
  • After that you will be asked to select the brand of your mobile in the next screen.
  • After that you have to tell the model number of your brand mobile in the next screen or you can also select it
  • After doing all this, you are now told the original price of your mobile, which is an estimate price.

How to Know Original Price Of Mobail

Before knowing the original real value, you are asked some questions, which you have to answer correctly, only then you will be able to know the exact value of your mobile.

  • Do you receive phone calls in your mobile or are you able to call someone or not?
  • Is there anything wrong with your mobile screen?
  • Mobile phone body is not broken from anywhere ?
  • Is your mobile phone under warranty period or not?
  • Now next you will be asked whether both the cameras of your mobile are correct, are the charging pin correct, you have to answer them Whether you are giving or not,
  • finally the selling price of your mobile is in front of you.
  • now you see the option of gate pad next to it, where you have to click, if you want to sell the mobile, then after that you have to click on the hair.
  • You have to click, now you have to give the address that means your location, after giving your correct address, you have to click on the button with Continue.

Install Application – Click Here


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The information given in this post is for educational purpose only. that post has been written keeping in mind the customer through which the customer can now what facilities can be made available on this website. the information given in the post is all official. the link of the official website has also been taken from the website so that customer is not confused.


I hope you guys liked this post, in this post we learned How to sell old mobile phones, what is Cashify application, how to sell mobile online on Cashify, I have told you all these things and you can install your application. You can sell your old mobile, we hope that you have liked the information given by us and if you have any questions, then you must write us in the comment, thank you very much for reading the post completely.

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