10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

Labrador Retrievers, known for their friendly nature, were initially bred in Newfoundland, Canada, as fishing and hunting companions.

German Shepherds, highly regarded for their intelligence and loyalty, were originally bred as herding dogs.

Golden Retrievers, prized for their gentle and loving temperament, are often used as therapy dogs due to their innate ability to provide comfort and emotional support.

In the enchanting town of Sintra, Portugal, there lies an opulent palace known as Quinta da Regaleira, featuring secret passages, mysterious symbolism, and an initiation well shrouded in legends.

The remote village of Shirakawa-go in Japan is famous for its unique thatched-roof houses, designed to withstand heavy snowfall

Beagles, renowned for their exceptional sense of smell, were originally bred for hunting small game.

Rottweilers, known for their strength and loyalty, have a fascinating history as cattle-herding dogs in ancient Rome.

Yorkshire Terriers, characterized by their small size and glamorous coats, were originally bred in 19th-century England for catching rats in clothing mills.

Boxers, renowned for their playful and energetic nature, have a surprising origin as hunting dogs in Germany.

Dachshunds, famous for their long bodies and short legs, were originally bred in Germany for hunting badgers.